Advice for Garden Owners: These 7 Plants Can Be Toxic to Your Pet

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.06 - 2024 9:17 AM CET

These plants can be dangerous to your pet.

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If you own both a garden and a pet, it may be time to take a closer look at the plants you have. Some common garden plants can be harmful to your pets.

Here is a list of seven plants that can do more harm than good to your four-legged family members, as reported by The Mirror.

Rhubarb Leaves

Rhubarb leaves are poisonous not only to humans but also to dogs. While many people love rhubarb pie, make sure your dog doesn't have access to these dangerous leaves.


Foxglove contains substances that can affect your dog's heart. Poisonings are rare, but it's worth paying attention to this plant.

Hemlock (Skarntyde)

Hemlock can be poisonous to both dogs and humans. Just touching the sap can cause unpleasant rashes and blisters. It's definitely a plant to avoid contact with in the garden.

Giant Hogweed (Giant Bear Loka)

This plant is far from innocent. If your dog (or you) touches it, it can cause severe blisters and burns.

Italian Arum

Italian arum can irritate your dog's skin and is best avoided if you want to keep your pet safe.


Surprisingly, this beautiful spring flower can make your dog vomit or even convulse. It's best to keep them away from these pretty but dangerous flowers.

Lily of the Valley

Although this plant smells wonderful, it is poisonous and can make your dog dizzy, cause vomiting, and lead to an unpleasant rash.

Removing these commn garden plants can help prevent unwanted health issues for your furry friends.

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