Bird Strikes a Window? Don't Rush to Bury It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.05 - 2024 8:27 AM CET

Occasionally, a bird may collide with a window you're sitting behind. If this happens, resist the urge to immediately bury it.

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A bird that appears lifeless might still be alive. It's crucial to refrain from hastily burying it, as you might end up burying a bird that's still alive.

The Turku Animal Welfare Association advises on a Facebook post not to bury a bird immediately after it has seemingly fallen lifeless to the ground following a window collision. This caution is due to the possibility of the bird still being alive, albeit appearing lifeless. The bird requires time to recover, which it cannot do if buried right away.

"Often, a bird that initially seems completely lifeless will wake up and happily fly away," the welfare association shares according to

Proper Care Steps

  • If the bird's neck isn't broken, it's recommended to place the bird in, for example, a cardboard box with a towel at the bottom. Then, bring the bird indoors into a warm and dark environment to recuperate.

  • The welfare association advises letting the bird rest in the box undisturbed for about one and a half to two hours. After this period, it should be capable of flying again.

  • "Do not feed or give water to the bird," instructs the welfare association.

A bird's neck is considered broken if its head freely wobbles from side to side.

Bringing the bird indoors and placing it in a box is also a wise decision to protect a helpless bird outdoors from becoming easy prey for cats and other animals, according to the welfare association.

This guidance serves as a reminder of the resilience of nature and the importance of giving wildlife a chance to recover before taking any irreversible actions.

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