Cat's human-like reaction to TV being turned off captivates the internet

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.20 - 2023 10:07 AM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Cat's human-like reaction to TV being turned off captivates the internet.

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In a delightful display of human-like behavior, a cat named Ella has become an internet sensation. A video shared on an Instagram page dedicated to Ella captures a moment familiar to many: waking up abruptly when the TV is turned off.

The clip, which has amassed over 2.7 million views, shows Ella's amusing reaction to this interruption of her nap.

The video begins with a text overlay stating, "If I shut the TV off in front of my cat, who clearly fell asleep, she insists she was still watching." This humorous scenario resonates with viewers, as Ella appears to protest the TV being turned off, much like a person might.

Instagram users have been quick to anthropomorphize Ella's reaction. One user commented,

"Just resting my eyes. I was listening to it, Mom," humorously imagining Ella's thoughts.

Another remarked on the cat's enjoyment of her "TV nap," while a third compared Ella's behavior to a grandparent who wakes up as soon as the TV channel is changed.

This incident not only highlights Ella's charming reaction but also underscores the human-like characteristics pets often exhibit.

Watch the funny video below.

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