For twelve years he looked at the sea and waited for his master: Now they are together forever

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.14 - 2023 1:00 PM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Now they are together forever.

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Mukhtar, a stray dog in Yalta, Crimea, became a local icon for his unwavering loyalty to his deceased owner, a lifeguard.

For 12 years, Mukhtar would return to the same spot by the sea, resting his head on the railing and gazing out into the ocean, waiting for his owner's return.

Although the reunion never happened in life, Mukhtar has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his owner in the afterlife.

Mukhtar's story touched the hearts of Yalta's residents so deeply that they erected a monument in his honor, right at the spot where he used to wait.

The monument serves as a tribute to his incredible loyalty and has earned him the title of the 'Hachiko of Crimea.'

Mukhtar's life wasn't easy. After his owner's death, he became a stray and even a problem for the community.

However, Viktor Malinovski, a local street musician, took it upon himself to care for Mukhtar, teaching him to wear a collar and leash again. Despite the hardships, Mukhtar spent most of his days gazing at the sea, hoping and waiting.

Mukhtar's story is not unique; it echoes the tale of Hachiko, the legendary Akita dog in Japan who waited for his deceased owner at a train station for years.

Both stories highlight the boundless loyalty and love that dogs have for their human companions, transcending even the finality of death.

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