Golden retriever's hilarious pool escapade captures millions of hearts

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.03 - 2023 6:19 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
It was a regular Saturday morning when Erin from New Jersey noticed something amusing. Her Golden Retriever, Zepp, was up to some mischief.

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Quickly grabbing her camera, she captured a moment that would soon have millions chuckling. The footage, shared on TikTok, rapidly became a viral sensation.

Dogs and their love for water is a tale as old as time. Zepp's story is no exception. The video begins with the canine's somewhat clumsy escape over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Clearly, something in that yard had caught his attention for a while. Without hesitation, Zepp made a beeline for the inviting cold water of the pool.

Erin, concerned and curious, followed her adventurous pet. As she reached the pool, the most entertaining part of the video unfolds. Despite her gentle pleas for him to come home, Zepp seemed to have other plans. The water-loving retriever flatly refused to leave the pool.

Erin's attempts to coax him out were in vain. Zepp was far too engrossed in his new discovery. With paws splashing, he seemed utterly fascinated by the ripples and splashes he could create. The scene where he might have exited the pool? Well, that's conspicuously missing from the video.

The delightful escapade didn't just amuse Erin; it resonated with a vast audience. Approximately 23 million TikTok users have enjoyed the video, with countless entertaining comments and millions of likes testifying to its charm.

Given the video's immense popularity, "Newsweek" reached out to Erin for a deeper dive into the story. In an interview with the American magazine, she shared insights about her playful pet. Zepp, it seems, is a curious and cheerful dog, always up for some fun. From his love for things he shouldn't have to his penchant for early morning wake-up calls (even on weekends), Zepp is full of surprises.

But what about the neighbors, whose pool Zepp so brazenly invaded? Erin reassures that they have the best neighbors who find Zepp's unsolicited visits quite endearing. "They find his unauthorized intrusions charming," she shared.

So, for now, it seems Zepp can continue his pool adventures without a care in the world. And as for the rest of us? We get to enjoy and share in the laughter that this delightful dog brings into our lives.

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