How to Spot Heart Disease in Your Dog: A Vet's Essential Advice

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.24 - 2024 8:28 AM CET

Veterinarian Christophe Bujon shares the signs of heart disease in dogs and how to detect them early.

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Veterinarian Christophe Bujon shares in Nyhetsmorgon the signs of heart disease in dogs and how you can recognize them in time.

Heart disease in dogs is a common condition that can affect our four-legged friends, especially as they reach an older age. According to Bujon, approximately ten percent of all dogs suffer from some form of heart problem.

Bujon explains that the most common heart disease among dogs is endocardiosis, also known as myxomatous valve disease. This disease primarily affects small and medium-sized dogs of middle age and older.

These heart problems are often only discovered when the dog is at the vet for other reasons.

"You listen to the heart and hear a murmur, which is usually due to it not being tight. You can compare it to any pump that leaks, and what is supposed to be pumped back a little bit and creates a sound that you can actually hear," says Bujon.

Although many dogs develop these diseases, less than half of them ever develop symptoms. Many dogs can live a full life without ever being troubled by the condition.

In terms of treatment, medications similar to those used in humans are used to slow the progress of the disease or to ease the heart's workload.

If a dog develops heart failure, the prognosis is that it can have up to 18 months of good quality of life with the right treatment. However, if the heart defect becomes serious, it may be appropriate to consider euthanasia to prevent the dog from suffering.

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