Kangaroo escapes: Strikes police officer in the head when captured

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 8:39 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Strikes police officer in the head when captured.

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In a remarkable incident east of Toronto, a kangaroo on the loose since last week was captured early Monday. This event took a dramatic turn when the kangaroo punched a police officer during its apprehension.

According to CBC, Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau of the Durham Region Police described the capture near a rural property in north Oshawa. The officers, who had been tracking the kangaroo for nearly four hours, followed advice from its handlers and grabbed it by the tail. During this process, the kangaroo struck one of the officers in the face. "It's something he and his platoon mates will remember for the rest of their careers," Boileau remarked.

The kangaroo, initially in transit to a Quebec zoo, had escaped from its handlers during a brief stop. Despite efforts to locate it in the dark, the search extended over the weekend, with various unconfirmed sightings.

Once subdued, the kangaroo was transported to the Oshawa Zoo for a medical exam. Cameron Preyde, the zoo's park supervisor, expressed relief at the safe capture, noting the kangaroo was tired but healthy. The animal, born and raised in captivity, will remain at the zoo until ready to continue its journey.

Ontario's solicitor general announced an investigation into the escape, emphasizing the importance of understanding the circumstances of the incident. Michele Hamers from World Animal Protection Canada highlighted the need for stricter regulations around captive wildlife, pointing out the potential risks and the gaps in current laws.

This unusual escape and subsequent capture of the kangaroo have raised questions about wildlife management and regulations, bringing attention to the challenges of handling exotic animals in captivity.

Although kangaroos are often viewed as cute animals, they can be aggressive and even potentially deadly. Below, you can watch a recently viral video where a dog owner had to rescue their dog from drowning, as a kangaroo attempted to drown it.

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