Lucy Took Her Dog to the Vet After It Swallowed a Sock: What Followed Next Surprised Her

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.29 - 2024 11:21 AM CET

What Followed Next Surprised Her.

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Beau, a half Beagle, half Harrier dog, gave his owner quite the scare after swallowing a sock. However, the surprise that followed during a veterinary check-up was even greater than the dog's owner and the veterinarian had anticipated.

The owner, Lucy Elliott, mentioned that Beau always gets into trouble, but she was truly shocked and worried when she caught him eating a sock. This prompted her to call the veterinarian immediately.

The vet advised her to bring Beau in for an examination as soon as possible to mitigate any danger. There was concern that the sock might cause long-term intestinal damage and would need to be removed either through surgery, induced vomiting, or a natural approach.

Since Beau had not expelled the sock before the veterinary visit, the experts decided that induced vomiting was the most efficient option. It didn’t take long for Beau's stomach to react, but the surprise was even greater when he vomited not just one sock, but a total of nine.

Photo: Facebook

Fortunately, Beau's penchant for his owner's socks did not lead to any severe complications, and the dog was able to return home safely.

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