Man saves puppies but quickly realizes his big 'mistake'

06/09/2023 07:45

Fergus Hart

Photo: Animal shelter
Photo: Animal shelter
Man finds fox cubs under old mattress in garden

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While cleaning up his garden, Craig Mcgettrick stumbled upon a heartwarming surprise. Hidden under an old mattress he was planning to dispose of, he found a litter of five seemingly abandoned puppies. With no mother in sight, Craig and his co-worker waited for some time, but the mother never appeared.

Concerned for the well-being of the little ones, Craig assumed that someone had intentionally left the puppies there, knowing he would find them. Unable to care for them himself, he and his friend decided to take the puppies to the nearest animal shelter.

They placed the puppies in a large box and headed to the shelter, taking photos to share on social media. The shelter also praised Craig for his compassionate act.

Photo: Animal shelter

A Twist in the Tale

A week after the rescue, a knowledgeable animal lover contacted the shelter through Facebook, suspecting that the puppies were actually fox cubs. Upon further inspection, the shelter confirmed that the babies were indeed baby foxes.

The shelter staff reached out to Craig, explaining that it would be best to return the fox cubs to where he found them.

They believed that the mother fox had used the mattress as a den to raise her babies. Craig agreed and placed the box with the cubs back in his garden.

Soon after, a mature fox appeared, rushing to her babies and whisking them away into the nearby woods.

The story ended on a joyful note, with the fox family reunited and back in the wild where they belonged.