Man reunited with gorilla he cared for five years: Gorilla's reaction is priceless

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.13 - 2023 8:40 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
The gorilla's reaction is priceless.

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Damien Aspinall had a unique bond with Kwibi, a gorilla he raised at Howletts Animal Park in England. When Kwibi turned five, he was released into the wild in West Africa.

Five years later, Damien decided to visit Kwibi in the jungle, despite knowing that the gorilla had even attacked humans as his instincts dictated.

Damien was initially concerned about how Kwibi would react. However, the moment he heard Kwibi's deep rumble of affection, he knew he was safe.

"He looked into my eyes with such intensity and love. It was an amazing experience," Damien said about the reunion.

Kwibi had adapted well to his life in the wild, living like any other gorilla. Yet, when faced with Damien, his former caregiver, the situation was entirely different. The gorilla's reaction was a testament to the deep bond they had formed years ago.

The story serves as a powerful reminder of the emotional depth and memory retention of animals, particularly those as intelligent as gorillas.

Watch the beautiful video below

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