Shelter puts up heartbreaking sign about 'The Invisible Dog'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.25 - 2023 11:20 AM CET

Photo: The Dodo
Photo: The Dodo
Shelter puts up heartbreaking sign about 'The Invisible Dog'

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Carlie's story began on the streets of the Cayman Islands, where she lived as a scared and withdrawn street dog.

Her arrival at the Humane Society of Broward County marked the beginning of a transformation that would take her from being "the invisible dog" to a beloved family member.

When Carlie first arrived at the shelter, she was curious but incredibly fearful. The bustling environment was overwhelming, and she began to shut down, hiding at the back of her kennel.

Her fearfulness led her to become so well-hidden that she earned the nickname "the invisible dog."

Photo: TheDodo

The shelter staff recognized Carlie's need for a loving home and began working on a plan to socialize her.

Susan Leonti, a digital marketing specialist at the shelter, explained how they moved Carlie to a more public kennel and began associating her with positive experiences like treats and affection.

Slowly but surely, Carlie's confidence began to grow.

The Sign of the Invisible Dog

Despite her progress, Carlie was still overlooked by potential adopters. The shelter decided to post a sign on her kennel, telling the story of the invisible dog.

The sign was meant to draw attention to Carlie's unique situation and encourage people to notice her.

The shelter also posted a video of Carlie and her sign on social media. The heartbreaking video caught the attention of a woman who knew she was meant to be Carlie's forever family.

She drove over two hours to adopt Carlie, and now, in her forever home, Carlie is thriving.

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