Two bulldogs conspire to steal a toy: The most hilarious video you'll see today

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.13 - 2023 11:16 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
The most hilarious video you'll see today.

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Videos featuring dogs as the main characters usually either move us or entertain us.

This one does both!

Two English Bulldog puppies have a single mission: to steal a toy from their French Bulldog friend. The video captures the essence of spontaneous dog behavior, sprinkled with a dash of madness, making it a perfect recipe for both disaster and fun.

The two puppies corner the French Bulldog against a wall, leaving him with no room to maneuver. Once he's trapped, they swiftly snatch his toy away.

The entire episode looks like it's straight out of a cartoon, with the puppies making a quick exit from the "crime scene" with their loot.

Even if you belong to the Bulldog group, life isn't simple, as this French Bulldog found out. The two puppies had one thing on their minds: to take something they really liked. And they executed their plan without any hesitation.

The video has become an internet sensation, capturing the hearts of viewers and racking up thousands of reactions and shares. It's the kind of content that you could watch all day, every day.

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