Veterinarian Issues Heartfelt Plea to Dog Owners: They Deserve It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.21 - 2024 10:20 AM CET

Veterinarian Issues Heartfelt Plea to Dog Owners.

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Veterinarians across the world are reaching out with a heartfelt plea to pet owners: Stay with your pets during their final moments. As our beloved pets, much like humans, only have borrowed time to be cherished and loved before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, veterinarians emphasize the importance of being there for them until the very end.

A recent post on Reddit by a veterinarian shed light on the emotional distress pets experience when their owners are not present during their last moments. The post, which resonated deeply with pet lovers, was also shared by

The veterinarian recounted witnessing thousands of pets' final moments and how difficult it was for the animals when left alone.

"One recent case hit me hard," the veterinarian shared. "I wish it could have ended differently."

The post explained how some pet owners believe their pets think they have "just left the room for a while," but this is a grave misunderstanding.

"Even if that were the case, they would still be stressed," the vet added.

The post detailed a heartbreaking incident of a dog trying desperately to follow its owners out the door, crying and stressing until the sedative took effect.

"He was a really good boy, and I wish he could have been more relaxed in his last moments because he deserved that," the vet expressed.

This sentiment was echoed by another veterinarian who commented,

"It may be hard to say goodbye, but it's hell for them."

The post and comments serve as a reminder of the deep bond between pets and their owners and the responsibility of pet owners to provide comfort and presence during the most challenging times.

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