Video goes viral of dog protecting owner's wallet: No one allowed to touch It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 10:23 AM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Video goes viral of dog protecting owner's wallet.

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In a delightful display of canine loyalty, a video has captured a dog named Munni diligently guarding her owner's wallet, quickly becoming a social media sensation.

Dogs are renowned for their steadfast loyalty and devotion to their owners. A recent video charmingly demonstrates this trait, showcasing Munni's protective behavior over her owner's wallet.

The footage reveals Munni sitting with the wallet, fiercely growling and barking at anyone who attempts to touch it. Remarkably, her demeanor shifts to calmness when her owner approaches, allowing him access to the wallet.

The video's caption humorously compares Munni to a bouncer at a VIP club, stating, “Munni’s guarding dad’s wallet like a bouncer at a VIP club – only dad’s on the guest list!”

The video, posted three days ago, has already captured the hearts of over 1.6 million viewers. It has also attracted a plethora of likes and comments, highlighting its popularity.

Viewers have been quick to express their amusement and admiration for Munni's actions. Comments range from praising her responsible nature to admiring her cuteness. One individual noted Munni's importance as a protective daughter, while another speculated that the owner might have trained Munni for this task.

Watch the heartwarming video of Munni guarding the wallet here

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