Watch: Adorable Pitbull Does Everything to Avoid Bath Time

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.28 - 2024 11:18 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Adorable Pitbull Does Everything to Avoid Bath Time.

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A pet owner's dog tried its best to avoid getting in the shower. Unfortunately, its efforts were in vain.

Dogs can show great imagination and creativity to avoid situations they find unpleasant.

Pretending to Sleep

This white pitbull found a unique way to dodge bath time. By snuggling up to its owner, it pretends to be asleep.

Unfortunately, the animal is not as cunning as it might think. The dog's owner had long seen through its intentions. After moments of affection, she invites it to take a bath.

The entire process is not as terrible as it might seem. The dog obediently endures getting its fur washed and then dried with a towel. Clean and fragrant, it's ready for another round of kisses from its caretaker.

Scientifically Confirmed

In an interview with "Parade Pets," animal behaviorist Marianne Heberlein explained that: "dogs can develop a precise plan to achieve what they want."

Moreover, these intelligent animals can determine the likelihood of a human fulfilling their request.

Watch the funny video below

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