Car expert: Secret button stops annoying beeping sounds in your vehicle

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Oct.08 - 2023 7:08 AM CET

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In the realm of automobiles, there's a secret that many drivers are oblivious to, a hidden feature designed to bring peace to your ears. This concealed element is a small button located within the doors of vehicles, specifically designed to silence the irritating beeping noises that occur under certain circumstances.

A Toyota master diagnostic technician, known as AMD, revealed this surprising discovery to his followers through a video uploaded on YouTube.

In this video, AMD addressed some of the annoying sounds produced by modern Toyota and Lexus models, including a repetitive, high-pitched beeping noise that is activated when a Smart Key model is parked.

For drivers of Smart Key vehicles, this sound is familiar. It commences the moment the doors are opened after parking. However, AMD provided a solution for those exasperated by this noise. He disclosed that there is a small, round button on the inside of the passenger door next to the driver's seat.

Pressing this button after the beeping starts will promptly turn off the sound, allowing drivers to sit in their cars with the engine off and doors open without being disturbed by the incessant beeping.

In the video, AMD explained, “To stop the beeping, you can simply close and reopen the door. But if you don’t want to do that, you can actually just reach down to the courtesy switch. This is what gets pressed to let the car know the door is closed or open. If you press and release it, the beeping stops.”

But that's not all this button can do. If the car is turned off, pressing the courtesy switch will also lock the steering wheel. AMD noted that while the beeping might be bothersome, it serves as a reminder that your steering wheel is unlocked and the car is not entirely turned off.

“You need to take the key with you and close the door. Then it will complete the shutdown process, and your steering wheel locks. Now the car is ready to be locked and walked away from,” he added.

It's crucial for drivers to be aware of the various features and functions of their vehicles to enhance their driving experience and maintain safety. Understanding these hidden gems not only provides convenience but also ensures that drivers are utilizing their vehicles to their full potential.

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