Do You Make Your Windshield Fog Up More Than Necessary? Here's How to Avoid It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 11:12 AM CET

Do You Make Your Windshield Fog Up More Than Necessary?

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A mechanic has come forward to warn about a crucial mistake that actually causes windshields to fog up more – and it's all due to a button that few people know about.

According to Senest, specialists from Eden Tyres & Servicing in Derby explain that there's a widespread misconception that can lead drivers to undermine their own visibility. They advise car owners not to use the car's recirculation button for air conditioning in cold and wet weather, as this can have negative consequences instead of benefits.

The recirculation button, identified by the symbol of a car with a horizontal U-shaped arrow, recirculates the air inside the cabin instead of allowing the air conditioner to bring in fresh air from outside with each cycle.

While this is an efficient function in the summer, quickly and economically cooling the car by only treating the air once, it poses a disadvantage in the winter. This is because the recirculated air does not retain heat effectively and increases humidity in the car under moist conditions.

Practically, this combination creates an unfavorable situation where cold, moist air gets trapped in the car and condenses on the cold windshield, resulting in persistent fogging. Moreover, it prolongs the period in which you remain cold and damp, which is undesirable, especially when you want to warm up as quickly as possible.

Instead, it is recommended to deactivate the recirculation function and allow the car to draw in fresh air through the heater in cold weather. This not only warms the air more effectively but also reduces fogging on the windows, improving safety while driving.

The team at Eden emphasized, "Generally, when it's cold outside, make sure that the recirculation button is turned off. The recirculation button is most effective in conjunction with air conditioning in warm weather. In cooler weather, it has few benefits and can even be harmful."

They also pointed out that the increased humidity from using recirculation in winter can create a claustrophobic feeling in the cabin and potentially lead to drowsiness, posing a risk to the driver's safety.

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