Experts Explain: How Long You Can Drive Without Changing Your Car's Oil

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 9:20 AM CET

How Long You Can Drive Without Changing Your Car's Oil.

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There are several factors to consider.

Most people know that regular oil changes are important for the maintenance and well-being of their car.

Perhaps you follow the little sticker on the corner of your car's windshield.

Or maybe you just change the oil every other month without giving it much thought.

But how long can you actually go without an oil change?

Several Factors to Consider

According to experts at Pensionist, the time between oil changes actually depends on several factors.

Firstly, it depends on your vehicle. What type of car do you drive? Check your owner's manual for information on how often you should get your oil changed. Some models may require more frequent oil changes.

Then think about your driving style. Do you typically travel on long, quiet country roads? Or do you mainly drive in city traffic, with frequent stops and subsequent accelerations? Or do you take many short trips? These conditions likely affect how often you should change your car's oil.

The age of your car also plays a role. The older your car is, the more likely you will need oil changes more often. Age tends to mean more wear, and therefore more frequent maintenance is required.

Whatever you do, don't just guess when it's time to change your oil. If you drive too long in a car that needs an oil change or other regular maintenance, you risk overheating, increased engine wear, corrosion, and oil leaks. It's much easier to exercise timely care than to deal with bigger car problems later.

Save yourself money, stress, and time by changing your oil more often.