Make Sure to Ask These Questions When Buying A Pre-Owned Car

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.07 - 2024 7:55 AM CET

Make Sure to Ask These Questions When Buying A Pre Owned Car.

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A car expert has shared essential questions to ask when buying a pre-owned car, as well as tips to avoid bad purchases. January is one of the busiest months for car buying, and people have already started looking for their next vehicle. The car industry expects a surge in car purchases during the holiday season, according to DenOffentlige.

While searching for your next set of wheels can be exciting, it can also be daunting for many. Experts from the car financing app Carmoola have put together a checklist when considering buying a used car this year.

Their guide covers everything from finding a quality used car, the necessary questions to ask, and the essential checks to perform.

Vehicle History

Commonly known as an 'HPI check,' this ensures that the car does not have a hidden past. It can include checking for any outstanding finance, accident history, previous ownership, and whether the advertised price is competitive.

While you can access free history checks online, some of these only provide limited information. Some providers will perform comprehensive history checks for you, free of charge, as part of their service.

Thorough Inspection

Inspect the car for signs of wear and tear. Check the bodywork, engine, and interior. Ensure that all features, such as air conditioning and electric windows, are working correctly. Press all buttons and shift each gear to ensure that everything that should move, light up, heat, or cool, functions.

Test Drive

Assess the car's performance, including brakes, steering, and suspension. Listen for unusual sounds and check for smooth gear shifting.

Questions to Ask the Seller

Ask about the car's service history, reasons for the sale (if it is a private seller), and any recent repairs. Inquire about MOT history and any notes. Also, ask about any extra offers you can get - like a full tank of gas, a free MOT, or service, for example​.

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