Popular electric car loses 10% of battery capacity after 48,000 kilometers

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.12 - 2023 12:08 PM CET

Photo: PR
Photo: PR
Popular electric car loses 10% of battery capacity after 48,000 kilometers.

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The car is only two years old. And even though it has only driven 48,000 kilometers, 10% of the battery's capacity has already disappeared.

Right now, Volkswagen is having major problems finding buyers for the ID.3, so they have stopped production for the rest of the year. But in 2021, the electric car was a huge hit.

In fact, Volkswagen built 1,200 ID.3s every single day. However, the ID.3 has since proven to be a hit riddled with errors. Among other things, because it came to market too early.

And now, Norwegian YouTuber Bjørn Nyland is hammering another nail into the ID.3 coffin. He has found a just 2-year-old ID.3. Nevertheless, it looks far from good.

The car, which has driven 48,000 kilometers, has lost a full 10% of battery capacity in its 62 kWh battery. That is, if you compare it to the capacity that Volkswagen reports.

On the other hand, Bjørn Nyland has also found a Tesla Model 3 Performance, where 5.3% of the battery's capacity had disappeared after 62,000 kilometers. Another electric car, the Norwegian says, managed to get by with a loss of just 1.6% after 152,000 kilometers. It was a BMW i3.

Whether the loss of 10% is generally applicable to the Volkswagen ID.3 is difficult to say from this one test. The explanation for the battery's condition could also be a combination of factors.

A two-year-old Mercedes EQC did not impress Nyland either. According to him, it had lost 8.4% of the battery after 262,000 kilometers.