Tesla Cybertruck Fails After Car Wash, Owner Reports Issues

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

May.25 - 2024 8:27 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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The Tesla Cybertruck has once again come under scrutiny, this time for its inability to withstand a trip through a car wash. According to a video posted by an owner on TikTok, the vehicle experienced significant issues after being washed.

The owner, who had taken the Cybertruck for a drive on the beach, decided to give it a thorough cleaning at a car wash.

Initially, everything seemed fine, and the drive home went without a hitch. However, when he tried to use the vehicle again, it was completely unresponsive.

The car, which was only two months old and had 5,500 kilometers on the odometer, was dead.

The screens inside the Cybertruck went blank, and attempts to restart the vehicle were futile. The owner contacted Tesla for assistance, and the company admitted that the problem was a known issue with the Cybertruck model.

Tesla's response involved a reset of the vehicle's computer, which took five hours to complete. The owner, clearly frustrated, humorously remarked on TikTok about needing such a computer for work, joking about the lengthy reset time.

The incident raises questions about the durability of the Tesla Cybertruck, especially given its price tag. The vehicle starts at $81,895, equivalent to approximately 564,000 Danish kroner, making it one of Tesla's most expensive models, second only to the Tesla Semi.

The case highlights ongoing concerns about the Cybertruck's readiness for the market, particularly in environments where exposure to water is common. While Tesla has made strides in electric vehicle innovation, incidents like this one underscore the challenges the company faces in ensuring their vehicles meet consumer expectations for reliability.

Cybertruck owners and potential buyers may now be more cautious, considering the implications of such issues. The Cybertruck, designed to be a rugged and versatile vehicle, must demonstrate resilience in real-world conditions, including exposure to water.

Tesla has not yet issued a formal statement regarding the car wash incident or potential solutions to prevent similar problems in the future. This episode adds to the ongoing narrative about the challenges and growing pains faced by Tesla as it expands its lineup of electric vehicles.

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