Tesla Cybertruck's Boat Function Promised by Elon Musk Proves to Be a Major Disappointment

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.11 - 2023 1:34 PM CET

Photo: Tesla
Photo: Tesla
Tesla Cybertruck's Boat Function Promised by Elon Musk Proves to Be a Major Disappointment.

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As Tesla Cybertruck deliveries have just started, a new feature called "Wade Mode" has been unveiled, allowing the vehicle to drive in deep waters.

However, this feature falls short of its rival from BYD, which can float and navigate like a boat.

After a four-year wait, the first customers have finally received the keys to their Tesla Cybertruck. The electric 4X4's arrival on the roads has been highly anticipated since its reveal in 2019.

The Cybertruck boasts practical features that are sure to please its many fans, including the newly discovered "Wade Mode." This driving mode, not officially announced by Tesla during its conference, increases the ride height and pressurizes the battery when driving through water.

A Tesla owner shared on social media about this surprising feature, which allows the electric pickup to drive in deep water without damaging the battery and electrical system.

However, Tesla has not provided further details about this functionality, particularly regarding battery pressurization. It remains unclear whether the vehicle can float in water or simply drive through it, but it is likely that the latter is the case for customers.

A few weeks ago, a prototype of the Cybertruck was spotted on a beach in the United States, briefly entering the sea before returning to shore. This might have been a final test by Tesla engineers to ensure the proper functioning of Wade Mode.

Comparatively, YangWang, the premium division of BYD, offers a similar feature in its U8 SUV. However, the U8 goes a step further, as it can float on water and even move without the wheels touching the ground.

Elon Musk had previously stated that "the Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes, and even seas that aren’t too choppy." It seems that Tesla still has some mysteries to unveil about its electric pickup, which will also feature a crab-walking system and Powershare bidirectional charging, as recently announced by Musk.