What Is the Hook on the Side of Your Car Door For?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.30 - 2024 12:21 PM CET

Photo: Dagens.com
Photo: Dagens.com
What Is the Hook on the Side of Your Car Door For?

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Most car owners are familiar with the various standard features in their vehicles, but often overlook the potential of these everyday elements for innovative uses.

One such feature is the often-misunderstood hook located on the car door's arch. While its primary function is to ensure the door closes properly, its utility goes far beyond just securing the vehicle.

A Step to the Roof Rack

In an ingenious adaptation, certain car models allow for a foot pedal to be attached to this hook. This innovative accessory, retailing for about 15 dollars online or at local garages, acts as a stepping aid. It enables drivers and passengers to easily elevate themselves to access roof racks.

Especially during the winter season, when loading and unloading ski equipment can be cumbersome, this simple tool proves to be incredibly helpful. It also comes in handy for cleaning the roof of the vehicle, though it's crucial to ensure that the door hooks are securely fastened.

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Aiding Mobility

But the hook's hidden potential doesn't stop there. Other standard car features, often taken for granted, have alternate uses that can significantly enhance user experience.

For instance, the grab handle, typically used by passengers during sharp turns, is an excellent aid for individuals with reduced mobility. It offers support and stability when entering or exiting the vehicle, making it an understated yet vital component.

An Unconventional Bottle Opener

Perhaps the most surprising of these alternate uses is the seat belt's potential as a bottle opener. The metal buckle of the seat belt can function as an impromptu opener for glass bottles.

This feature can be a fun party trick to impress friends, though it is important to emphasize responsible usage - never with alcoholic beverages if planning to drive.