Auto expert reveals: This costly mistake can ruin your engine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.20 - 2023 6:06 PM CET

This costly mistake can ruin your engine.

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A car mechanic has issued a warning to drivers about the risks of damaging their vehicles by regularly driving with a nearly empty fuel tank.

The mechanic, known as Bladed Angel, frequently shares videos on his YouTube channel to educate drivers on how to avoid common pitfalls that could lead to expensive repair bills.

The risk of running low on fuel

In his latest video, Bladed Angel stated that driving a car that's almost out of fuel can lead to long-term issues.

He explained, "Even if the fuel gauge needle dips to empty or even below, the car can still move. However, this is not a good reason to continue this habit. What happens is that the car's fuel pump is likely under extreme stress as it tries to suck up every last drop."

Not only can this lead to the vehicle not functioning correctly, but if done regularly, it can cause components to wear out much faster.

Bladed Angel noted that this issue could result in frugal drivers getting stranded when they try to start their cars.

Fuel warning light: A sign to refuel

Bladed Angel recommended that drivers should always fill up their vehicles when a fuel warning light comes on.

"It's best to drive with a quarter of a tank or more, but if you really want to drive close to empty, try to keep an eighth or a tenth of a tank, so 10 to 15 percent of your fuel," he said.

While drivers have experienced a steady increase in fuel prices over recent months, there is concern that prices could soon spike dramatically. Many experts predict significant increases after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries announced they would reduce their reserves from October 2023, raising the price of crude oil.

Are you a bad car owner? Watch the video below and see if you do these things:

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