Mixed emotions from consumers: Nestlé alters popular chocolate product

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Oct.08 - 2023 11:39 AM CET

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According to The Sun, Milkybar White Chocolate Buttons will now have a reduced milk content, dropping from 37.5 percent to 26.4 percent.

This decision reverses the company's choice in 2017, where they decided to increase the milk content in this popular chocolate product.

Chocolate enthusiast Anna Woods was one of the first to notice this change and shared her discovery on the Facebook page Food Finds UK Official.

She said: "I just bought a bag of Milkybar buttons with the new packaging and can officially confirm that they have returned to the old recipe."

While some fans have expressed their joy over the change, many did not even notice it. Jaz Miller commented: "I bought some the other day and didn't even notice the change. I just love chocolate."

On the other hand, Adam Orford was not thrilled about the new recipe. He said: "Having more sugar in a product is not a good thing. Having less milk in a product that literally has the name MILKybar is also not good."

In response to the mixed feedback, a spokesperson from Nestlé stated: "Our Milkybar products are now made from the same white chocolate recipe that we use in the rest of Europe. This means that our balance of ingredients has changed. However, milk remains one of the key ingredients in Milkybar, and the amount of sugar remains unchanged."

The spokesperson further assured chocolate lovers that in British taste tests, the European recipe was more popular, scoring higher on taste, texture, and overall satisfaction.