Belgian politician or Daniel Craig? Internet is having a laugh over new video of the former 007-star

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.23 - 2023 1:57 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Internet is having a laugh over new video of the former 007-star.

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In a recent YouTube video by Esquire, former 007 actor Daniel Craig showcased his iconic watch collection, an event that has garnered significant attention, not just for the watches but for Craig's surprisingly unrecognizable appearance.

The video, featuring Esquire's Creative Director Nicholas Sullivan, was intended to highlight Craig's elegant timepieces, but it has unexpectedly gone viral for a different reason.

Known for his suave and sophisticated portrayal of James Bond and his recent role in the 'Knives Out' films, Daniel Craig's appearance in the video took many by surprise. Viewers noted that he looked markedly different from the persona they have come to associate with him on screen. This stark contrast has led to a flurry of memes and humorous comments on social media, as fans and viewers express their astonishment and amusement at the transformation.

The video itself, titled "Inside Daniel Craig's Iconic James Bond Watch Collection | Dialed In | Esquire", was initially intended to delve into the stories behind Craig's impressive collection of timepieces. Watches have long been a significant accessory for the James Bond character, symbolizing elegance, sophistication, and high technology. In the episode, Craig and Sullivan discuss the collection, sharing anecdotes and the history associated with each piece.

However, it's Craig's uncharacteristic look that has stolen the spotlight. Social media platforms have been flooded with memes and tweets, with users creatively speculating on what Craig resembles now.

Watch the funny tweets below:

Below you can watch the beforementioned video from Esquire