Chandler's iconic outfit from 'Friends' on sale

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.21 - 2023 6:26 PM CET


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Fans of the beloved TV show "Friends" now have a unique opportunity to own a piece of television history. An outfit worn by Matthew Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing, is up for sale, as reported by Page Six.

The iconic outfit, consisting of a pair of jeans and a shirt, is priced at approximately 8.380 dollars.

This ensemble is not just any costume; it's the actual outfit worn by the late Matthew Perry in the memorable episode titled "The One with the Candy Hearts."

In this episode, Chandler attempts to break up with his on-and-off girlfriend Janice, marking a significant moment in the series. The sale announcement, which originates from August 29, was updated following the star's recent passing.

The outfit's sale offers fans a chance to get closer to the spirit of Chandler, a character beloved for his quirky humor and memorable one-liners. This rare memorabilia represents not just a piece of clothing but a tangible connection to one of television's most iconic characters and shows.

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