Decades-Old 'Friends' Mystery Solved: The Ross Geller Doppelgänger

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.29 - 2024 3:02 PM CET

Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /
Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /
Nearly three decades later, 'Friends' fans have finally solved the enigma of Ross Geller's doppelgänger, Russ, revealing a long-overlooked detail about David Schwimmer's dual role.

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Nearly 30 years after its original airing, fans of the iconic sitcom 'Friends' have finally unraveled a mystery surrounding Ross Geller's lookalike, Russ, from the second season's tenth episode, "The One With Russ."

The Mystery of Russ Uncovered

In the 1996 episode, Rachel starts dating Russ, a man who strikingly resembles her ex-boyfriend, Ross, portrayed by David Schwimmer. Despite the obvious similarities, Rachel remains oblivious until her friends point it out, leading to her promptly ending the relationship.

The twist comes in the episode's closing credits, where Russ is credited as "Snaro," an alias Schwimmer reportedly used for his dual role, a revelation that has recently caught some fans by surprise on Reddit.

Fans' Late Realizations and Revelations

The discovery has sparked a wave of confessions among 'Friends' enthusiasts online, with many admitting they only realized Schwimmer's dual performance as adults.

"It wasn’t until I was a full grown adult, honestly probably already in my twenties when I realized it was just David playing both," shared one Redditor.

The revelation led to humorous exchanges, with one fan humorously questioning Russ' whereabouts, only to find links leading back to Schwimmer himself.

More 'Friends' Faux Pas Found by Fans

This revelation is part of a series of recent discoveries by 'Friends' fans on Reddit, who have also identified inconsistencies in the series, such as Rachel's contradictory claims about her sailing experience and observed inconsistencies in Joey Tribbiani's character.