Fans outraged over new Emily Ratajkowski photos

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.29 - 2023 9:14 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Fans outraged over new Emily Ratajkowski photos.

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Emily Ratajkowski, a renowned top model, is facing accusations of hypocrisy and making fun of plus-size models following her latest photoshoot for the French magazine Le Monde.

The controversy arose after Ratajkowski posted images from the photoshoot on Instagram, including one where she is seen wearing significantly oversized jeans, highlighting the size difference between her and the jeans.

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The criticism is particularly pointed because, in 2021, Ratajkowski authored the book 'My Body', which focuses on body and beauty standards and the societal pressure placed on women's bodies.

One comment on her Instagram post reads:

"When you've written a book about feminism and female empowerment, it's CRAZYYY to post picture number two." Additionally, a plus-size model jokingly asked Ratajkowski to return her jeans in the comment section.

As of now, Ratajkowski has not provided an explanation for the concept behind the photoshoot nor responded to the criticism.

The incident has sparked a heated debate among her fans and followers, with many expressing their disappointment and calling out the perceived inconsistency between her advocacy and her recent actions.