Frankie Muniz Opens Up About Wealth and Well-being on "I'm A Celebrity"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.27 - 2024 8:33 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
On a candid night in the jungle, Frankie Muniz shares his journey from Hollywood's golden boy to a serene life beyond the spotlight.

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Frankie Muniz, once a household name for his role in the hit TV series "Malcolm in the Middle," has recently shared insights into his financial success and personal contentment with his Australian camp mates on Channel 10’s "I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!"

The actor, who has since taken a step back from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, divulged that his acting career had earned him a cool $40 million by the age of 19, securing his financial future and allowing him a level of freedom most can only dream of.

A Teen Star's Financial Freedom

In an enlightening conversation about the pitfalls of social media, Muniz recounted an instance where he clapped back at a Twitter troll, emphasizing his early retirement's comfort.

Despite occasionally engaging with negative comments online, Muniz emphasized the importance of standing up for oneself, stating, "You can only take so many punches before you get knocked out."

More Than Just Money

Brittany Hockley, a fellow celebrity contestant, inquired if Muniz's earnings had been sufficient for him to consider retiring from work entirely. Muniz confirmed this, reflecting on his continuous drive and work ethic that began at the tender age of eight.

Despite his considerable wealth, Muniz shared that his motivation lies beyond financial incentives, driven by a "neurotic" need to stay active and plan ahead.

Having transitioned from acting to race car driving, and now living a more grounded life in Arizona with his family, Muniz's story is one of evolution and finding fulfillment outside the relentless pace of Hollywood.

The actor credits much of his happiness to the move, which allowed him to appreciate the simpler aspects of life that Los Angeles could not offer.

A Conscious Departure from Hollywood

Muniz, who largely left the acting scene in 2008, explained his decision as one rooted in mental health and a desire for authenticity.

Despite achieving significant success and recognition in the film industry, Muniz struggled with feeling out of place and decided to step away.

This decision has allowed him to find joy in everyday experiences and embrace a lifestyle more aligned with his values.

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