Global superstar sings so badly fans believe he is an impersonater

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.20 - 2023 7:30 AM CET


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Recent clips of Enrique Iglesias performing have stirred up the internet, leaving fans questioning the vocal prowess of the once-prominent Spanish pop star.

Known for his heart-wrenching hits in the early 2000s, such as "I can be your hero, baby," the recent footage presents a stark contrast, causing fans and internet users to wonder if Iglesias has ever truly excelled as a vocalist.

Impersonater or not?

One TikTok user, Ariel Diaz, shared a video from Iglesias' recent performance of his 2001 hit "Escape," where his voice seemed uncharacteristically different. "I had to actively hold back laughter the whole time," Ariel Diaz commented.

This has led to speculation among internet users, with some even wondering if the performer was an impersonator.

Comments under the TikTok clip range from humorous to skeptical, with users making light of Iglesias' seemingly diminished singing abilities. "Is this an impersonator? What happened to the real Enrique Iglesias?" one comment read, reflecting the general disbelief.

Discussions have emerged online about Iglesias' vocal quality in the past, with some users diving into archives to find older performances that might hint at a similar singing style. Another TikTok user found an old performance that seemed to evoke the same karaoke-like feel, leading one fan to speculate that Iglesias might sing better in Spanish than in English.

Currently, Enrique Iglesias is touring as part of "The Trilogy Tour" alongside Ricky Martin and Pitbull, which has brought this unexpected vocal performance to light.

Do you believe it is really Enrique Iglesias singing? See the TikTok and judge yourself, right here:

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