Harry Styles' new hairless look shocks fans

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 10:54 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Youtube
Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Youtube
Harry Styles' new hairless look shocks fans.

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Superstar Harry Styles has caused quite a stir with his latest appearance. The "Fine Line" singer, known for his iconic curly locks, debuted a completely shaved head at U2's Las Vegas Sphere concert in Nevada.

Spotted in the audience alongside actor Taylor Russell, with whom he's been linked since June, Styles' new bald look has taken fans and the internet by surprise.

The transformation, first reported by TMZ on Thursday, has sparked a wave of reactions on X, formerly known as Twitter. Fans of the 29-year-old star have expressed everything from shock to dismay at his new hairless style. One user lamented the loss of Styles' hair, comparing it to U2's unsolicited album on phones, while another expressed disbelief at the sudden change.

Some fans have even humorously demanded that Styles avoid public appearances until his hair grows back, highlighting the depth of their attachment to his signature hairstyle. Despite the mixed reactions, not everyone is disturbed by this change. Some speculate it might signify the beginning of a new chapter or era for Styles.

This speculation is fueled by Styles' past decision to cut his hair for a fresh start. Amidst the fan reactions, some have pointed out that there are more important topics to discuss than Styles' haircut.

Others humorously suggested that Styles could have profited immensely by selling his famous locks.

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