Imagine Dragons parodied as 'World's worst band' in hilarious 'Saturday Night Live' sketch

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.20 - 2023 12:02 PM CET


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In the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live," the popular American comedy show took a playful jab at the band Imagine Dragons, humorously labeled by some as "the worst band ever."

The show's 'Weekend Update' segment, hosted by Colin Jost, introduced a spoof musical group named Remember Lizards, portrayed by cast members Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson.

Christian-curious positive arena rock

The parody centered around the humorous similarities between Remember Lizards and Imagine Dragons. The skit described their music as a blend of “uplifting kid-friendly hip-hop slash arena rock with a pumped-up edge,” a comical nod to Imagine Dragons’ signature style.

However, Remember Lizards claimed their unique twist was producing “explicitly Christian uplifting arena rock,” compared to Imagine Dragons’ “Christian-curious positive arena rock.”

The segment reached its comedic peak when Remember Lizards performed a song titled ‘Chemical (Poison)’, a playful imitation of Imagine Dragons’ hit ‘Believer’.

The parody was not lost on host Colin Jost, who quipped, “I couldn’t remember what Imagine Dragons sounded like, but then I heard you do a worse version of it.”

This light-hearted parody on "Saturday Night Live" adds to the ongoing conversation and varied opinions about Imagine Dragons' music and their place in the contemporary music scene.

Watch the hilarious sketch right here: