In Tears, 80-Year-Old Robert De Niro Talks About His 9-Month-Old Daughter Gia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.30 - 2024 10:38 AM CET

80-Year-Old Robert De Niro Talks About His 9-Month-Old Daughter Gia.

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In an interview with AARP, the octogenarian actor emotionally opened up about his relationship with his youngest daughter, born in April 2023.

Becoming a parent is a profound change at any age. In April 2023, at the age of 79, actor Robert De Niro welcomed his seventh child, a baby girl named Gia, born from his union with producer Tiffany Chen.

In an interview with AARP, the movie legend shared palpably emotional insights about the "wonderful" experience of being a father, even at 80 years old.

"Simply Wonderful"

In the interview published on YouTube, the actor reflected on his relationship with director Martin Scorsese, the demanding preparation he puts into his roles, and also about the birth of his youngest daughter, Gia.

Known for his roles as mobsters and gangsters, the actor spoke with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat to AARP:

"I'm an 80-year-old father and it's great. Everything that consumes or worries me disappears when I look at her," began the actor. Overwhelmed by emotion, he paused momentarily, hoping to regain control of his feelings. He eventually continued softly: "It's simply wonderful."

The star of the film "Goodfellas" then openly shared his admiration for his offspring, comparing her to his second daughter, Helen, born in 2011 from his union with Grace Hightower:

"She has a very kind way of looking at you. My other daughter, Helen, was also like that," detailed the father of seven before adding,

"I don't know where it will lead her in life, but she thinks and observes everything. It's fascinating."

He concluded the interview with meaningful words: "I want to be with her as long as possible."