James McCaffrey Has Died

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.18 - 2023 8:07 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
The 65-year-old actor was afflicted with bone marrow cancer.

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James McCaffrey has died at the age of 65. A spokesperson informed the media outlet TMZ. James McCaffrey passed away on Sunday, surrounded by friends and family. He had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, which claimed his life.

According to TMZ, James McCaffrey was perhaps best known for voicing the character in the video game 'Max Payne', but he also worked for 35 years as an actor in movies and TV series.

He portrayed Jimmy Keefe in 56 episodes of 'Rescue Me' and also had roles in series such as 'Revenge', 'Beautiful People', 'Law & Order: SVU', 'As the World Turns', 'Swift Justice', 'Civil Wars', 'Canterbury's Law', 'Suits', 'Blue Bloods', 'Bluff City Law', and 'She's Gotta Have It'.

His film repertoire included 'The Truth About Cats & Dogs', 'The Big Take', 'A Gifted Man', 'American Splendor', and 'She Hate Me'.

Kevin Dillon has gone out to pay tribute to his deceased friend on Instagram: "James McCaffrey, we were lucky to have known you. My best friend, you will be missed," writes the 'Entourage' star.

James McCaffrey leaves behind his wife, Rochelle Bostrom, and their daughter, Tiernan.

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