Man grows record-breaking onion: Weighs more than a bowling ball

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Oct.01 - 2023 10:12 AM CET

Photo: Instagram, @guinnessworldrecords
Photo: Instagram, @guinnessworldrecords

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In a remarkable feat, a man from Guernsey has successfully grown the world’s largest onion, weighing a staggering 8.97 kg, which is approximately 53 times heavier than an average brown onion and even surpasses the weight of a large bowling ball.

This colossal onion was proudly showcased by Gareth Griffin at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in North Yorkshire on September 15, breaking the previous world record of 8.5 kg set in 2014.

The Guinness World Records shared images of this gigantic onion on Instagram with a caption highlighting its significant weight, “This onion weighs more than a bowling ball!”

The post, which garnered over 42,000 likes, revealed that Griffin presented the world’s heaviest onion at the Harrogate show, astonishing attendees with its eye-watering weight of 8.97 kg.

For context, the record-breaking onion is around 53 times the weight of a typical brown onion and even heavier than a large bowling ball, which generally weighs around 7.25 kg.

In a statement to Guinness World Records, an ecstatic Griffin shared his excitement and personal connection to growing giant onions. “I am absolutely over the moon to have grown the world’s biggest onion,” he exclaimed.

Griffin’s father had been a giant onion grower.

The Instagram post sharing the news of the record-breaking onion has continued to receive attention and accolades from users around the world.

Many have shared their thoughts and reactions to this unusual and impressive record, with comments ranging from humorous to congratulatory. One user even remarked that the first picture of Griffin with the onion looked like he had just won the World Cup, highlighting the celebratory and triumphant mood of the occasion.

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