Marvel Superstar Found Guilty of Assault and Harassment

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.19 - 2023 7:44 AM CET

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Jonathan Majors, known for his role in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," was found guilty of assault and harassment charges in a Manhattan court on Monday, following a two-week trial. The verdict marks the conclusion of a case that has captivated public attention and put the actor's rising Hollywood career in jeopardy.

The six-person jury acquitted Majors of another assault charge and of aggravated harassment but found him guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, a British dancer and movement coach.

The incident occurred during a car ride in Manhattan, where Jabbari accused Majors of hitting her and causing a fracture in her finger.

Majors, who pleaded not guilty to all eight misdemeanor counts he faced, showed no immediate reaction as the verdict was read, maintaining a slightly downward gaze. His sentencing is scheduled for February 6.

The trial revealed a series of disturbing events, including text messages between Majors and Jabbari, voice recordings, photos of Jabbari's injuries, and a 911 call made by Majors. This evidence, unsealed and provided by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, painted a picture of the violent confrontation that transpired between the two.

In their closing arguments, Majors' attorneys portrayed Jabbari as the aggressor and a compulsive liar who sought revenge after discovering Majors texting another woman. The defense described her allegations as fabrications of an abusive relationship.

However, the prosecution painted a different picture, asserting that Majors had exerted control over Jabbari through both physical and emotional violence. They cited an instance where Majors allegedly dissuaded Jabbari from seeking medical attention for a head injury to avoid an investigation.

The conviction of Jonathan Majors in this high-profile case has significant implications for his career and public image, particularly as he was positioning himself as an emerging star in Hollywood. The legal proceedings and the jury's decision have brought to light serious issues surrounding domestic violence and the conduct of public figures.