Netflix Viewers Rage Over 'Leave the World Behind' Ending

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.11 - 2023 8:27 AM CET

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix
Netflix Viewers Rage Over 'Leave the World Behind' Ending.

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(This article contains spoilers)

Netflix's "Leave the World Behind" has sparked a mix of reactions with its unconventional ending.

The film, adapted from Rumaan Alam's book, stars Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke as Amanda and Clay, a couple vacationing with their children in a luxurious rental home. Their peace is disrupted when the homeowner, G.H. Scott (Mahershala Ali), and his daughter Ruth (Myha’la) arrive, fleeing unexplained disturbances in the city.

The plot thickens as the two families grapple with the escalating chaos outside. They encounter Danny (Kevin Bacon), a conspiracy theorist, who advises them to seek refuge in a bunker. The film concludes ambiguously, with Amanda and Ruth searching for the missing Rose, Amanda's daughter, amidst distant explosions. The final scene shows Rose discovering the bunker and watching a DVD of "Friends," leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

This open-ended conclusion has divided audiences, with some labeling it as 'stupid'. However, Alam defends the film's refusal to provide a neat resolution, emphasizing its intention to respect the audience's intelligence and avoid clichéd endings. The film's ending, differing from the book, deliberately avoids a conventional disaster movie resolution, opting instead for a more thought-provoking and open-ended conclusion.

On Social media X, there's a widespread consensus among many that the ending of "Leave the World Behind" was not quite what they had anticipated after investing more than two hours in the film.

One person expresses their frustration, saying, "Leave the world behind is quite literally the worse f'ing movie, what kind of ending."

Another user interprets the ending differently, suggesting, "The ending of Leave the World Behind was a metaphor. Mocking the poors. You'll own nothing and be happy."

A third viewer shares their disappointment, commenting, "The ending of Leave The World Behind was so anti-climatic. I want those two hours of my life back."

And another adds to the chorus of disapproval, stating, "just finished Leave The World Behind & I am pissed about the ending."

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