Old friend shares heartbreaking update on Bruce Willis

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.12 - 2023 1:29 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Old friend shares heartbreaking update on Bruce Willis.

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The situation is rapidly deteriorating for Bruce Willis, who has been diagnosed with dementia. This is according to the actor's old friend and colleague, Glenn Gordon Caron, in an interview with The New York Post.

The 68-year-old Hollywood actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in February of this year, just one year after he had already been diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that gives him cognitive difficulties, particularly in speaking.

Due to his illness, Bruce Willis decided to end his career in 2022.

Glenn Gordon Caron, who is a writer, director, and producer best known for the TV series 'Moonlighting,' in which Bruce Willis starred for five seasons opposite Cybill Shepard, shares how the former 'Die Hard' actor is doing. The two have known each other since 'Moonlighting' began in 1985, and Glenn Gordon Caron still tries to visit his old friend at least once a month.

However, he admits to The New York Post that maintaining the friendship is not always easy. Caron is convinced that Willis still recognizes him, but his impression is that the actor only "knows who I am for the first one to three minutes," he says.

'The joy of life is gone'

The director describes Bruce Willis as a person who "loved life and just loved waking up every morning" and has always tried to live life to the fullest. But much has changed due to the illness. "He is no longer verbal. He used to be an avid reader (although he wouldn't want anyone to know that), but he doesn't read now. He no longer has the linguistic skills—yet he is still Bruce. When you are with him, you know he is Bruce, and you are grateful that he is there, but the joy of life is gone," says Caron.

Bruce Willis has been with 45-year-old Emma Heming since 2009. Together they have daughters Mabel and Evelyn, aged 11 and 9, respectively.

He also has daughters Scout, Tallulah, and Rumer with ex-wife Demi Moore.