Organizer of 'Willy Wonka' Event Apologizes, Denies the Event Paid for Wedding

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.07 - 2024 11:24 AM CET

Photo: eyematter /
Photo: eyematter /
The man behind the failed event, Billy Coull, aims to rectify the situation with a promise to refund all attendees.

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In the aftermath of a highly criticized Willy Wonka-themed event in Glasgow, organizer Billy Coull has come forward with an apology and a promise to refund all attendees.

The event, which promised an immersive experience into the whimsical world of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," failed to deliver. This led to an uproar among disappointed families and caused an online stir fueled by memes of the event.

The Event's Shortcomings

The event, ambitiously named "Willy's Chocolate Experience," was meant to captivate children and adults alike with the magic of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

But attendees were met with a starkly different reality—a long line, a poorly decorated warehouse, and a scant offering of a cup of lemonade and jelly beans instead of the expected chocolate wonders.

Coull's attempt to replicate the enchanting world from the film with AI-generated artwork and a hastily prepared script for actors fell flat, sparking a wave of dissatisfaction among those who had paid up to £35 (around $44) for a ticket.

House of Illuminati shut down the pop-up event shortly after.

Following the event's abrupt cancellation, Coull faced a barrage of criticism from those who managed to attend.

Angry visitors formed a Facebook group to demand refunds and share their grievances. They also sought to expose Coull's previous questionable ventures, which included a series of AI-generated novels with controversial themes, including right-wing views on human trafficking and vaccination.

Coull's Apology and Promise of Refunds

Seeking to address the backlash, Coull issued a statement on Facebook, expressing his remorse over the failed event.

“Firstly, I want to extend my sincerest apologies to each and every one of you who was looking forward to this event. I understand the disappointment and frustration this has caused, and for that, I am truly sorry,” he wrote.

He made it clear that he alone — as House of Illuminati’s apparently only employee — bore responsibility for the debacle, and that “anyone who was hired externally or offered their help” was not to blame for how the attraction unraveled.

Coull also addressed the swirling rumors regarding his use of the event's funds: “Regarding a personal matter, there will be no wedding, and no wedding was funded by the ticket sales. This is a difficult time for me, and I ask for your understanding and privacy.”

Despite not directly mentioning the unpaid actors, Coull reassured customers that every ticket-holder would receive a full refund.

“I am committed to rectifying this situation,” he promised, and vowed “to ensure transparency and to demonstrate my commitment to making this right for everyone affected.”

“My intention is to learn from this experience.”

Skepticism and Ongoing Frustrations

Despite Coull's statement, many attendees remain skeptical, with some reporting that they have yet to see their refunds. Critics argue that Coull's statement, while apologetic, lacks personal accountability and fails to directly address all of the issues raised, including compensation for the actors involved.

“Listen to the people on here that have been asking for refunds for nearly a week, got the email stating refund in progress,” wrote one dissatisfied visitor. “But like everyone else I’ve still had no refund, do the correct thing and give everyone the refunds they deserve.”

It seems Coull is finding out the hard way that mere words of reassurance, even if directly from him rather than an AI, cannot withstand the fury of parents dealing with disappointed children and thinner wallets.

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