Prince William brings small business owner to tears: 'I don't have words'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.08 - 2023 1:44 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock/Instagram
Photo: Shutterstock/Instagram
Prince William brings small business owner to tears: 'I don't have words'

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During a recent event in Singapore, Prince William's choice of attire—a tie made from recycled plastic bottles by the Italian brand Wilmok—unexpectedly brought the small business owner of the brand to tears.

The surge in website traffic and social media attention following the Prince of Wales's appearance at the 2023 Earthshot Prize awards ceremony left the founder overwhelmed with gratitude.

According to GB News, The royal's gesture was seen as a significant endorsement for the sustainable fashion brand, which was shared on the company's social media with heartfelt thanks, stating,

"I don't have words, thank you so much!"

Later the business owner stated:

"Was not really sure why our twitter traffic was up. As a small business owner, I am literally in tears. Thank you!"

In addition to his fashion statement, Prince William delivered a poignant speech on climate change, emphasizing the visible and challenging effects of the climate crisis over the past year.

Despite the sense of defeat felt by many, the Prince of Wales highlighted the enduring hope and optimism represented by the Earthshot finalists.

He also expressed deep gratitude to Singapore for hosting the ceremony, praising the city-state for its exemplary integration of natural and urban environments and its commitment to technological and innovative solutions for planetary repair and regeneration.