Prince William is disgusted by detail in finale season of 'The Crown'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.18 - 2023 7:03 PM CET

Prince William is disgusted by detail in finale season of 'The Crown'.

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Netflix's hit series "The Crown" has been captivating audiences for eight years, delving into the lives of the British royal family.

The streaming giant recently announced that the final season would be split into two parts, with the first set to premiere on November 16 and the second on December 16. However, a particular storyline in the upcoming season has not sat well with Prince William.

The sixth season will feature Princess Diana, Prince William's late mother, but with a twist: she will appear as a ghost confronting Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

This creative decision has reportedly left Prince William feeling "disgusted," according to sources close to him. This is reported by The Daily Beast.

An insider revealed that the Duke of Cambridge finds the portrayal of his mother in such a manner to be incredibly painful and in poor taste. "He is disgusted by it," the source said, emphasizing the prince's strong aversion to the storyline.

While Prince William has no plans to watch the series, his feelings about the portrayal are clear. Another individual, once affiliated with the royal family, also expressed her displeasure, particularly in light of Queen Elizabeth II's recent abdication.

"We're thankful that Her Royal Highness won't have to hear about this absurdity," she commented.

The final season of "The Crown" continues to generate buzz, but it appears that not everyone is looking forward to its creative liberties. What are your thoughts on this controversial storyline?

Have a first look of the finale season below

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