Shakira Reflects on Sacrifices Made for Pique: "I Put My Career on Hold"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.17 - 2024 8:32 AM CET

Shakira Reflects on Sacrifices Made for Pique.

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The breakup saga between pop icon Shakira and football star Gerard Pique takes a new, intense turn as Shakira opens up about the personal sacrifices she made during their relationship.

In an interview with the prominent British newspaper The Times, the Colombian singer delves into the depth of her commitment and the pain of their separation.

"For a long time, I put my career on hold. There were a lot of sacrifices made for love," Shakira reveals. The singer, known for her global hits and electrifying performances, highlights the emotional toll of prioritizing Pique's football career over her own aspirations.

Shakira's reflection on the dissolution of their family is poignant.

"I don't think anything can compensate for the pain of breaking up a family. Of course, I must continue for the sake of my children; they are my biggest motivation. But my biggest dream was more than winning platinum albums and Grammys - it was to raise my sons with their father. To overcome obstacles and grow old together. I know I won't have that now."

Following their split in 2022, Shakira relocated to Miami, where she found companionship in another celebrated football wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, married to David Beckham. Beckham, after a storied playing career, now owns Inter Miami.

Shakira muses on the compatibility between artists and athletes, suggesting a fundamental mismatch. "Empathy is key in an artist's work. An athlete is in a constant state of war and must avoid empathy at all costs. Therefore, it's probably a really bad idea for an artist to get involved with an athlete. I don't know what I need now."

This candid interview sheds light on the personal struggles and insights of one of the music industry's most beloved figures, revealing the complex interplay between love, career, and personal growth.

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