SNL Viewers Rave Over Jost and Che's Best Ever Joke Swap Segment

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.18 - 2023 11:27 AM CET


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Saturday Night Live's recent Christmas episode featured a joke swap segment between Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che, which has been lauded by social media users as possibly the best one ever.

The segment, a tradition in which Jost and Che write jokes for the other to perform without prior knowledge, often pushing the boundaries of offensiveness, returned with a hilarious twist.

During the segment, Che introduced an actor playing "Dr. Hattie Davis," a fictional poet, author, and civil rights activist, who sat beside Jost as he uncomfortably delivered the jokes Che had written. Jost's first joke, involving a quip about reintroducing a "dodo" to Africa, accompanied by an image of former President Barack Obama, set the tone for the comedic discomfort to follow.

Che then had to read a joke about Beyoncé, which humorously commented on her appearance in a social media photo. The segment continued with Jost reading a joke related to the Adult Survivors Act, followed by a request for a fist-bump from the actor playing the activist, which added to the awkward hilarity of the situation.

Che also delivered a review of a Broadway show about Michael Jackson, offering a controversial yet humorous take on the production's acting. His closing joke sought to lighten the mood with a positive message amidst the turmoil in the Middle East, humorously suggesting that both Jewish and Muslim people "need Jesus."

The final joke from Jost involved a tongue-in-cheek apology to his wife, Scarlett Johansson, for a quip about her "little art movies" and a comparison of her to Coretta Scott King in the role of Black Widow.

Audience reactions on social media were overwhelmingly positive, with many declaring the segment the funniest of Jost and Che's joke swaps. One viewer praised the latest Weekend Update on SNL as the best iteration of the joke swap, while another highlighted the holiday joke exchange as a standout part of the show.

Watch the hilarious joke exchange right here:

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