Snoop Dogg announces surprising lifestyle change

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.17 - 2023 11:15 AM CET


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The iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, known for his frequent marijuana use, has announced his decision to quit smoking.

This revelation comes directly from the rapper himself, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., through a statement on his Instagram account.

"After a lot of thought and discussions with my family, I've decided to stop smoking," Snoop Dogg, aged 52, shared on Instagram. He also requested that his privacy be respected during this time.

This announcement has left many in shock, considering Snoop Dogg's long-standing association with marijuana. He has been vocal and open about his cannabis use throughout his career.

The rapper, in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, has released numerous songs celebrating cannabis, often featuring them smoking in their music videos.

However, whether this is a serious commitment or just a momentary decision remains to be seen. Notably, Snoop Dogg had made a similar claim back in 2002, declaring that he had given up marijuana for good, as reported by Sky News. That claim, however, turned out to be short-lived.

Snoop Dogg's latest statement has certainly stirred up discussions and surprise among his fans and the wider public, bringing attention to the rapper's personal life and choices.

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