Succesion star dreams of being a bond villain, mistakes reality show casting for Bond film role

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 2:32 PM CET


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Brian Cox, celebrated for his role in "Succession," recently shared a humorous mix-up where he believed he had been cast in a new James Bond film, only to realize it was for the reality show "007: Road to a Million" on Prime Video.

In a candid interview on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,' Cox revealed his initial misunderstanding.

The reality show, which is not a Bond film but a competition series with pairs tackling James Bond-inspired challenges, was something Cox was unaware of when he agreed to participate.

He admitted, "I thought it was the new James Bond film," but later found out, "there was no script, and there was no James Bond film."

Cox has long harbored aspirations to play a Bond villain, a role he finds "really interesting."

He humorously recounted his disappointment on realizing that his moment had not yet come.

Despite this, participating in the show turned out to be a fulfilling experience for Cox, who enjoyed his role as the gamemaster, commanding the contestants in various challenges.

However, for Cox to realize his dream of becoming a Bond villain, he might have to wait a bit longer.

According to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, the studios have "not even started" modernizing the franchise yet, implying a new Bond film may still be a distant prospect.

Cox's enthusiasm for the iconic role, nonetheless, reflects his deep interest in the James Bond universe and his eagerness to be part of its storied legacy.

See the clip of Brian Cox explaining why he mistook the 007 reality show for a Bond villain movie role below:

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