Suits: L.A: A New Chapter Begins with Spin-off Series Announcement

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.02 - 2024 9:49 AM CET

Photo: USA Network
Photo: USA Network
A New Chapter Begins with Spin-off Series Announcement.

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Following an impressive revival on Netflix, "Suits" is set to return, not just in spirit but as a brand-new spin-off series, "Suits: L.A." Fans of the beloved legal drama, which concluded in 2019 but saw a massive resurgence with over three billion views in 2023, are in for a treat as NBC has greenlit a pilot for the companion series. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

"Suits," renowned for its sharp wit and legal intrigue, captured viewers' hearts during its original run from 2011 to 2019. The series, which followed the unconventional duo of Mike Ross, a gifted college dropout, and Harvey Specter, a top attorney in New York, became a staple of legal drama. With a cast that includes names like Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, the show's success continued to soar on Netflix, even surpassing the viewership record previously held by "The Office."

Patrick J. Adams, who portrayed Mike Ross, expressed his astonishment and gratitude towards the show's newfound popularity on Netflix, highlighting the special connection a new generation of fans has developed with the series. Adams also shared his enthusiasm for reuniting with the cast, particularly Meghan Markle, hinting at the potential for their characters' return in the spin-off.

"Suits: L.A." promises to introduce fans to Ted Black, a formidable former federal prosecutor who relocates his practice from New York to Los Angeles. The series aims to explore new dynamics and challenges, as Ted and his team navigate personal and professional dilemmas amidst a firm in crisis.

Aaron Korsh, the original creator of "Suits," is set to pen the pilot, ensuring that the spin-off remains true to the spirit of the series. While filming is scheduled for March in Vancouver, casting details remain under wraps, leaving fans curious about possible appearances from the original cast.

As "Suits: L.A." prepares to take fans on a new journey, the legacy of "Suits" continues, promising more legal battles, intricate character relationships, and the same charismatic storytelling that made the original series a global phenomenon.

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