Suzanne Somers reveals she was discovered one week after moving to Hollywood in resurfaced 'Tonight Show' footage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.17 - 2023 10:43 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Suzanne Somers reveals she was discovered one week after moving to Hollywood in resurfaced 'Tonight Show' footage.

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In the wake of actress Suzanne Somers' recent passing due to cancer, a nostalgic video clip has been shared on Johnny Carson's YouTube channel.

The video takes viewers back to February 1974, when a young Suzanne Somers appeared on The Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson at the time.

A Glimpse into Somers' early days

The clip serves as a poignant reminder of Somers' early days in the entertainment industry. During her appearance on the show, she reveals that she was discovered just one week after moving to Hollywood.

The video has garnered attention not just for its nostalgic value, but also for providing a glimpse into the beginnings of Somers' illustrious career.

In the video, Somers recounts her journey into acting, detailing how she was discovered and the steps that led her to become a household name. 

Watch the lovely footage below

"How confident and warm kind she was"

The resurfaced footage of Suzanne Somers on the 'Tonight Show' has elicited a range of emotional responses from viewers who took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One user highlighted Somers' multifaceted talents and intelligence, writing, "She said she wanted to write books and write books she did throughout her life. People thought she was a ditzy blonde but she was far from that. She was a wonderful wife, mother and friend to all. She was so smart with her health and shared that knowledge with us all. RIP Suzanne."

Another viewer found the video bittersweet, commenting, "It was nice seeing someone at the beginning of her career and sad knowing she has passed. RIP Suzanne."

A third user praised her enduring qualities, stating, "How confident and warm kind she was even back then!! Suzanne was destined for great things in her life. The world will miss this shining angel!!"

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