The reunion you never knew you needed: 'Mean Girls' cast reunites in hilarious commercial

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.02 - 2023 12:10 PM CET

Screenshot: Wallmart commercial
Screenshot: Wallmart commercial
Walmart is still trying to make “fetch” happen

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Nearly two decades after "Mean Girls" set the high school corridors abuzz, Walmart has dialed up the nostalgia by bringing together Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert for an electrifying Black Friday ad campaign that is making “fetch” happen all over again.

The retail giant has orchestrated a full-scale Plastics reunion, launching a series of commercials that see the iconic characters, now all grown up, bringing their queen bee buzz to the annual shopping extravaganza.

Walmart is strategically leveraging the cult following of the 2004 hit to hype up their holiday deals, ensuring that shoppers get a generous dose of high school drama along with their bargains.

Fans of the film will be treated to a weekly delight, with the ad series kicking off on a Wednesday, famously known in the "Mean Girls" lore as the day when the Plastics donned pink. Each week leading up to Black Friday,

Walmart promises a new commercial showcasing a different cast member, stirring up anticipation and early shopping fervor.

Courtney Carlson, Walmart’s senior vice president of marketing, highlighted that Walmart is “really known for Black Friday,” and these buzzworthy commercials will be unavoidable, splashed across TV screens and social media feeds alike.

This marketing ploy is part of Walmart’s strategy to extend Black Friday's frenzy from a single day of chaos to a more sustained, calmer period of pre-holiday shopping, with deals starting early in the week.

Daniel Franzese, who reprises his role as Damian Leigh, expressed his excitement about the reunion, saying that both cast members and fans will enjoy catching up with the characters after all these years.

Lindsay Lohan echoed the sentiment, reveling in the joy of reconnecting with her former castmates. "It was so much fun to reminisce and be together again after all these years," added Lacey Chabert, who once again steps into the shoes of Gretchen Wieners.

In a move akin to last year's revival of "Office Space" characters for the same Black Friday purpose, Walmart seems to have tapped into the gold mine of nostalgia marketing.

However, the excitement was almost jeopardized when an image of the "Mean Girls" cast recently leaked online, spurring speculations of a Super Bowl ad reveal. Carlson clarified that the leak was unintentional, underscoring the retailer’s commitment to keeping the campaign under wraps until its official launch.

See the hilarious commercial below:

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