Hollywood legend looks unrecognizable

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.20 - 2023 4:05 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Tom Selleck's legendary moustache is gone! See the picture for yourself and see if you recognize him!

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From his iconic role as Thomas Magnum in "Magnum P.I." to his current role in "Blue Bloods," Tom Selleck has been a beloved figure in Hollywood for decades.

But fans of the star were left stunned recently when the actor unveiled a surprising new look.

Born in Detroit and raised in California, Selleck's journey from a happy childhood to stardom is nothing short of inspiring. His accolades, which include a Golden Globe, stand testament to his incredible talent.

Despite early career setbacks and challenges, his determination always shone through. "The luckiest thing that happened was that I didn’t get a real job until I was 35,” he humorously remarked.

Tom's Trademark Look:

The mustache has been such an integral part of Selleck's image that it's almost impossible to imagine him without it.

It has been there throughout his stints as a model, his courageous service during the Vietnam War, and his legendary acting career. But times change, and so do looks.

.But back to the most pressing matter at hand - the mustache. Why the sudden change? While the actor has always joked about his facial hair, even suggesting it might have landed him roles, his recent transformation proves he's not bound by it.

Most of the time I got hired they said the mustache is okay, but you gotta shave it off for the job. I was born without it and I’m prepared to work without it,” Selleck remarked.

See if can recognize him without moustache below

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